Mendocino’s inn above the beach. Close to everything. Away from it all.

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The prices shown are for stays of two or more nights and reflect seasonal discounts. (Dolphin House requires a three night minimum stay.) One night stays may be available Sunday through Thursday for an additional fee. Please phone or email for price and availability of one night stays.  
A room that is shown as open for one night and unavailable both before and after that one night may be selected and booked on-line at the price shown (Except Dolphin House).  
Once your on-line request is accepted, a $100 deposit will be charged to your credit card and an email confirmation will be sent for your review.  
Dolphin House: There is a three night minimum stay requirement at Dolphin House. The cost of your stay is the sum of the daily rates shown on the chart, (where seasonal rates are reflected) plus a $120 cleaning fee. Additional charges may be added for stays requiring more than the usual cleaning time. A security deposit of $150 is required and will be refunded upon satisfactory inspection. All Dolphin House charges will be taken when your reservation is accepted.  
11% County Bed Tax will be add to all lodging totals.